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Personal injury

Personal injury refers to the area of law that aimed at protecting individuals who are hurt by the action or inaction of another person or entity. A personal injury claim can be filed for injury sustained by an individual either physically or mentally, and it can sometimes include damage to property. In certain situations a person may bring a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of a loved one. Personal injury lawyers seek to win compensation for their clients.

There are two factors present in every personal injury case: liability and damages. The first involves indicating that the person or entity being charged did in fact bear legal responsibility for the injury. Damages, refers to the extent or amount of injury or loss that was supposedly experienced on account of the defendant's actions.
While the laws applicable to defective product cases varies from state to state, there are three legal theories common to all jurisdictions which may form the basis of a successful product liability case:
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Manufacturing defect: In such cases the injury was caused as a result of defect in the manufacture of the product. An example would be a bicycle which was built with a small crack in the frame, which breaks when used, causing an injury to the rider.
Design defect: In these cases the injury was caused by a poor design (even though there may be no defect in the individual product itself). A common example would be a piece of industrial machinery which was built without a proper safety or protection devices, and as a result a worker is injured as result while using the machine.
Inadequate Warning: These cases refer to injuries caused as a result of a product known to be potentially dangerous which was sold without a proper warning to the consumer. An example would be an over the counter drug sold without a warning of the hazards of use with certain other drugs, or excessive consumption, or possible side effects from its use.

Defamation, sometimes called "defamation of character", is spoken or written words that falsely and negatively reflect on a living person's reputation. If a person or the news media says or writes something about you that is understood to lower your reputation, or that keeps people from associating with you, defamation has occurred. Slander and libel are two forms of defamation.